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About Me

Hello! I am a counselor who provides individual counseling, family counseling, and couples counseling in Pleasanton, CA. I work with people of all walks of life, and I am so thrilled that you have found me! I graduated from University of California Davis with my B.A. degree in Psychology, and my Master's Degree in Counseling with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy and Professional Clinical Counseling from Saint Mary's College. I have worked with a multitude of unique individuals both inside the counseling room and out, and have found that I have a passion for learning about and helping people.

In addition to working with individuals, families, and couples, I also specialize in working with twins! As an identical twin myself, I understand the many challenges that can come with being a twin such as finding individuality from your twin, being constantly compared, and feeling in constant competition with your twin. I love to help twins gain autonomy and a clearer understanding of who they are both with and without their twin. Additionally, I understand the challenges that come with raising twins, and I love to help families navigate the difficult issues that can come with this unique population.


I believe that obstacles in the journey of life are opportunities for learning and growth. In my work with clients, my goal is to help facilitate that process of self discovery and understanding in order to promote healing and change. Often times, many of the challenges we face can be relational, and it is through understanding and communication that we can begin to  foster growth within the relationship. I hope to help guide that process so that the relationship may not only succeed, but thrive. Whether working with a couple, family or individual, I take a client centered approach through active listening, curiosity and solution-focused insight that is tailored to help each client safely and authentically explore their world, build resilience, and adapt to life’s challenges.


I take an eclectic approach that promotes wellness for the client as a whole. I use a blend of Cognitive Behavioral, humanistic, solution-focused, and mindfulness practice enveloped in a multicultural framework in my work with families, couples, and individuals. Additionally, I offer Walk and Talk therapy which is a wonderful form of therapy that integrates nature and movement with a goal of strengthening the mind-body connection.


I believe that the most important quality in counseling is the relationship. Therapy is a collaborative experience where I join each client in a genuine way to help overcome personal challenges, gain clarity and understanding, and illuminate solutions for growth. My goal for my clients is to empower them and provide tools and skills to help them thrive. I would be honored to be a part of your journey!

Philosophy of Counseling

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Why Naturopathy?

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Counseling for Individuals and Couples to Help With 

Situational Stress
Life Transitions
Relationship Difficulty
Loss and Grief
Communication Issues
Loss of Meaning in Life
Twin Issues
Parenting Concerns
Coping Skills

Walk and Talk Therapy 

In my practice, I strive to attend to the client as a whole, and find the pathway toward optimal health through the mind-body connection. Walk and Talk therapy is a unique form of counseling that incorporates movement and nature into the counseling. This form of therapy is ideal for individuals who are looking to include physical fitness and mental health into their overall wellness. 

All clients have a choice of in office counseling or walk and talk therapy. 

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